Month: December 2012


MariaDB, an open-source database management system (DBMS) and MySQL fork has been gaining inroads in enterprise software and its founders formed a foundation, the MariaDB Foundation, to promote its software. Specifically, “the MariaDB Foundation exists to improve database technology, including

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Microsoft launches Windows 8

During the event, Microsoft executives and vice-presidents took to the stage to show off the latest statistics and figures for Microsoft, Windows 8, and Surface. Here are the latest numbers you need to know: More than 1 billion Windows PC users

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PCoIP (PC over IP)

PCoIP is VMware Inc.’s remote display protocol for delivering remote desktops and applications to endpoints. PCoIP is used for desktop delivery in VMware’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) product, VMware View.

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SSD or RAM for boosting system performance?

SSDs are the new performance panacea. But, when SSDs first hit the scene a few years ago, we hated them. They were small–too small to be useful and too slow for anything but Netbooks. Technology took hold and now SSDs

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VMware View 5.1

With little fanfare, VMware rolled out View 5.1. The latest iteration of the VDI software is chock full of improvements, including new storage features, better integration and persona management enhancements, so perhaps some pomp and circumstance are justified.

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