Month: November 2013

Exploring Windows 8.1 Start Screen and Start Button Options and Configurations

In Windows 8.1, the Start Button is back – but not the classic Start menu. In this post, Mike Hildebrand and I present you a couple of solutions that should help the traditional mouse and keyboard users (like us) get

Which ports to unblock for VPN traffic to pass-through?

Tunneling protocol Computer networks use a tunneling protocol when one network protocol (the delivery protocol) encapsulates a different payload protocol. By using tunneling one can (for example) carry a payload over an incompatible delivery-network, or provide a secure path through

Setup L2TP VPN in Windows 7

These instructions work under all the client side variations of Windows 7, namely Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate. Before setting up your VPN connection, make sure your version of Windows 7 is up to date by running Windows