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Windows Server 2012 introduces a plethora of new features with a key emphasis on Cloud integration being the buzz word in the industry over the last 24 months.  Windows continues to grow and mature as an operating system with the …

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Most Windows system administrators have a list of steps they take when deploying a brand new Windows server onto the network. It’s pretty obvious that Microsoft has done its homework on this, too. With Windows Server 2012, many common “first-run” …

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  We’ve had a chance to play around a bit with the release preview of Windows Server 2012. Some have been put off by the interface-formerly-known-as-Metro, but with more emphasis on Server Core and the Minimal Server Interface, the UI …

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The Charms bar in Windows Server 2012

By now, everyone knows that Windows 8 sports a radical new interface, which, up until recently, Microsoft referred to as the “Metro” interface. Although the company has pulled back on using that name for the new interface, you won’t escape …

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The last several weeks have been a bumpy ride as Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 8, prepares for its general availability landing at the end of October 2012. A Gartner analyst declared the new desktop experience in Windows 8 as “Bad” …

Will the real Windows for the enterprise please stand up? Read More »

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