How to post a photo on Instagram from a PC

So, you’re using Instagram but you want to be able to post your edited photos from the comfort of your desktop PC? But you have absolutely no idea how to do it? Here is the solution you’ve been waiting for! To post photos on Instagram from your PC (or any computer for that matter), you can use one of several methods or applications. In this tutorial we’re going to use Gramblr, which has the merit of being very simple to use. The program works under Windows XP, 7, 8 and Mac OS X and some versions of Linux.

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How to post photos from your PC on Instagram

1. Visit on your computer.

2. Click the ”Download Here” hyperlink for your operating system (under the subheading ”Will it work with my computer?”).

3. Start the installation. (If you ‘re on a Mac, don’t forget to enable Gramblr after starting installation: just click Gramblr in System Preferences > Security.

gramblr test instagram pc ids
If you have forgotten your Instagram login info, you can even request a password change on Gramblr. / © AndroidPIT

4. Make sure you have the photos you want to post on Instagram, then start Gramblr and enter your username.

5. Select the photo you want to post.
Note: If you get an error message that your photo is not the right size it is because the photos posted on Instagram must be square, ie their height and width must both be 650 pixels.

gramblr test instagram pc error
You can only upload images with a square format and 650 x 650 pixel resolution. / © AndroidPIT

6. Wait for Gramblr upload the photo, it may take a few seconds. Then add your caption.

You then get a confirmation that your photo has been posted on Instagram. Because Gramblr allows you to enjoy the quality of any camera on Instagram, you’re not restricted no using the camera on your smartphone. You can use your fully-fledged digital camera pictures or edit photos on your PC and then upload them to blow your friends away.

instagram pc gramblr test 2
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