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Dell PowerEdge VRTX

Pros Compact all-in-one solution Scalable to four dual-socket Xeon blades plus 48TB of shared storage Shared RAID controller and built-in storage virtualisation Shared PCIe expansion slots Integrated network switch Extensive management features Cons No direct support for Linux at present

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SkyDrive cloud storage to your Android tablet

For some of us, one cloud storage service isn’t enough. And even though the Android tablet seamlessly integrates with Google Docs, there may be a necessity to connect to a different cloud service, such as SkyDrive. Unlike the Windows 8

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Avoid these five cloud storage pitfalls

I’ll be honest; I’ve used cloud storage in some form for a long time. In fact, I started as early as 2009 with production data from my previous role in financial services being sent to a public storage cloud. Since

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You should build your own Cloud.

I can think of 10 reasons why it does. In the end, if you agree, you’ll be digging into the likes of Ubuntu Cloud or ownCloud and serving up your very own company-centric cloud.

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SSD or RAM for boosting system performance?

SSDs are the new performance panacea. But, when SSDs first hit the scene a few years ago, we hated them. They were small–too small to be useful and too slow for anything but Netbooks. Technology took hold and now SSDs

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